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TA Regresso PRO font is inspired by Didon and Bodoni fonts. A combination of a little Bodoni and a little Didon elements and a unique style and Text, Display, Subhead and about 80 styles, it is a font that gives the user a choice. TA Regresso font supports Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. After starting work on the font since February of last year, the font is ready today with constant revisions. Being open to learning, I sought help from experienced designers. I must mention that Yulia Gonina, the founder of Schrifteria Foundry, also helped me a lot to make Regresso good. With her knowledge and advice, the flaws in the font were eliminated. By the way, Viktor Baltus also helped me with his valuable advices. I did some research about the alphabets of the supported languages so that Regresso is good. I paid a lot of attention to the correct design of the letters. I will fix the problems I missed in the next updates of the font. I would be happy if you send me your work when you use my font. I'm very interested in where you use my font.

Type Designer: Tural Alisoy.

Contributors: Alena Linnask (graphic design).

TA Regresso PRO contains 200+ Latin and Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew languages. 

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TA Regresso PRO

0 ratings